Biopharmacy Home_Spotlight — 01 February 2013
DNAVision(Gosselies, Belgium) among the first in Europe to receive the ISO 17025 accreditation of exome sequencing service for clinical applications.

An external audit carried out by the Belgian Authorities recently validated DNAVision’s (Gosselies, Belgium) technical competence to carry out exome sequencing* and the ability to consistently produce valid and traceable results. This important validation will allow DNAVision to act as pioneer in applying this exome sequencing technology to medical practice.

Although DNAVision has already been accredited with the ISO/IEC 17025 certification, an international standard for laboratory testing, in 2005, this recent accreditation for exome sequencing service, a process that is now widely used for R&D in oncology and human genetics, clearly and deservedly puts them at the forefront of such innovation. As one of the first laboratories in Europe to receive this official accreditation, the company has already begun producing quality-certified exome sequencing data in clinical trials in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and leading centers in oncology. This exome sequencing service, paving the way for personalized medicine, is currently being used in such clinical trials to better understand the disease and cure patients in the future.

It’s important to understand that over the past year, DNA sequencing has undergone a deep technological revolution with the cost of genome sequencing having dropped nearly 1,000,000 times in a decade. High throughput sequencing, already a game-changing technology in human health R&D, is becoming a key technology in the innovation era of personalized medicine. Because of this, considerable interest has been raised regarding the ability to better cure patients and understand disease in routine medical practice

Historically, DNAVision has been an expert in providing clinical genotyping and sequencing services for nearly 10 years. The company has always been a pioneer in using new genetic technologies in clinical trials and diagnostics, in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. To support this work, the company has already received international certifications for its laboratory such as the CAP and CLIA certificates from US authorities. Primary customers of DNAVision’s new service will include pharmaceutical companies and leading centers in oncology that are currently receiving regulatory-grade exome sequencing data.

Undoubtedly, this ISO 17025 accreditation of exome sequencing is a key milestone for DNAVision, as it combines its outstanding recognition of quality with the newest sequencing technologies. Hats off to DNAVision for having exome sequencing now included in their portfolio of ISO 17025 accredited genetic services.

* Exome sequencing characterizes the genetic background of a sample at a very fine resolution, identifying the complete mutational landscape of the coding sequence. The process corresponds to the complete sequencing of all protein-coding regions of the genome, representing more than 21,000 genes and 71 million DNA bases sequenced for each sample.


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