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Walloon Biotech and Medtech companies: should you go for an IPO?
By: Win-health - 05 June 2015 - Comments Off

Initial Public Offerings tend to become a real alternative for more and more European biotech companies. In Wallonia (Belgium), several SMEs (such as Mithra [...]

MaSTherCell or the future of CMOs
By: Win-health - 22 May 2015 - Comments Off

In an exclusive interview, Hugues Bultot, Chief Executive Officer of MaSTherCell, an emerging pioneer in the industrialization of cell-based therapeutics, based in Gosselies (Belgium) [...]

VolitionRx a drop of blood to detect colorectal cancer
By: Win-health - 19 May 2015 - Comments Off

Belgian Volition – a subsidiary of Volition Rx – is a life sciences company located in Namur (Belgium) focused on developing blood-based diagnostic tests [...]

Tools4Patient: design and delivery of personalized pain treatments
By: Win-health - 08 May 2015 - Comments Off

Tools4Patient, a company founded in 2013 and located in Gosselies (Belgium) is specialized in the development of multimodal companion diagnostics. This creative company recently [...]

Nyxoah, awarded for its neurostimulation implant
By: Win-health - 27 March 2015 - Comments Off

Nyxoah, a clinical-stage medical device company located in Mont-Saint-Guibert (Belgium), is gaining worldwide recognition as it won the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation [...]

Synolyne Pharma gets new patents granted in Europe and in the US
By: Win-health - 13 March 2015 - Comments Off

Synolyne Pharma, a biotech spin-off company of the University of Liège and spin-out of Kitozyme SA (Belgium), has recently been granted two new patents [...]

Delphi Genetics signs international research partnership in the US
By: Win-health - 09 March 2015 - Comments Off

Delphi Genetics S.A., a Walloon SME located in Gosselies (Belgium) partners with US company Avaxia (Lexington, Massachusetts) to develop an improved biomolecules manufacturing and [...]

ImmunXperts: launch of a unique fully integrated Immunogenicity service provider for biotherapeutics.
By: Win-health - 27 February 2015 - Comments Off

ImmunXperts s.a. a start-up located in Gosselies (Belgium) and specializing in the development of proprietary and innovative methods to assess the immunogenicity of novel [...]

Euroscreen signs a collaboration and licensing agreement with Merck & Co. Inc.
By: Win-health - 16 February 2015 - Comments Off

Euroscreen, a Belgian drug discovery and development company providing first-in-class small molecule drug candidates for therapeutics areas such as hormonal disorders, inflammation and neurodegenerative [...]

Pluriomics raises €4M and settles its production facility in Wallonia!
By: Win-health - 16 February 2015 - Comments Off

Pluriomics, an emerging biotech company located in Leiden (The Netherlands) and specializing in the delivery of innovative cardiomyocyte models, has raised €4 million in [...]