ZENTECH BIOTECHNOLOGY of Liège Science Park in Belgium is now incorporated in ASIA!

ZENTECH BIOTECHNOLOGY ASIA, based in Singapore, has recently been incorporated and has proudly announced that the implementation of its ASEAN strategy is well under way. Since 2006, ZenTech has targeted Asia and more specifically the ASEAN region as the first market to sell its products. After creating its branch office in Vietnam, ZenTech has developed commercial activities in the ASEAN countries.
The company realized that the evolution of sales demonstrated the wisdom of decision and the need to evolve towards a regional effective presence. After Vietnam, the company has incorporated its subsidiary in Singapore to act as a commercial hub.
The next step will be to setup a technical hub in Malaysia and accelerate the commercial coverage of the area, notably in Indonesia. In this framework, as of March, Alexia Vander Schueren, ZenTech’s new intern from the Louvain School of Management, has been involved with ZenTech’s CEO and team in the establishment of a technical hub in Malaysia and in charge of building the company’s distribution network in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Headquartered in Liège Science Park since in 2001, ZenTech s.a. currently comprises a staff of 32 employees and specializes in the diagnostic of pathologies occurring in early-life stages from conception to adolescence (foetus, newborn, toddler and child) and in the diagnostic of chronic diseases affecting both children and adults. 

A considerable amount of expertise focuses around the development, production and marketing of IVD kits specifically developed for prenatal, neonatal and pediatric use and their automation. Such techniques are adapted to the requirements of non-invasive assays and specialization is further enhanced by competence in the automation of medical diagnostic laboratory processes. Along these lines, the company has developed and adapted a number of platforms to automate the use of these kits, according to the tests performed by each laboratory. 

Currently, the high-quality products are marketed either directly or through distributors and OEM agreements worldwide. For example, ZenTech signed a contract in the Philippines to furnish 1 million tests for a genetic disorder (Maple syrup urine disease – MSUD) and nowadays 4 centralized laboratories in different regions of Philippines are routinely working with the ZenTech automated systems.

Following the company’s presence in Vietnam and Philippines this is a great milestone in ZenTech’s continued developments in ASIA and more specifically in its ASEAN strategy.





Mr. Jean-Claude Havaux (CEO of ZenTech)
tél. : +32 04/361 42 32
gsm : +32 0475/ 704 830


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