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TRASIS (Ans, Belgium) gets global recognition with development of the first GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) universal radiosynthesis unit

Trasis, a Belgian company experienced in the development of innovative solutions for the radiopharmaceutical industry, has joined forces with four local University laboratories in an effort to identify new types of biomarkers and tracers for in vivo molecular imaging of pancreatic beta cells.

The company has developed the AllinOne*, the first GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) universal radiosynthesis unit that adapts to the constraints of space, versatility and cost that hospitals and radiopharmacies are faced with today. The instrument is designed for the automated production of an extensive variety of short-lived radiotracers used in nuclear medical imaging, and aims to address the full range of challenges; from early R&D stages and clinical trials to the GMP routine production.

In recent interviews conducted with the Gauthier Philippart (CEO), and Jean-Luc Morelle (Managing Director) important aspects about the company were pointed out regarding the company’s commitment to maintain its strong contribution to the region while improving its growth and global positioning. The company is keen on developing innovative technology within the region, maintaining a high level of involvement in the local economic development and endorsing the continued support of Belgium and the Wallonia region. Trasis maintains its involvement towards growth in the local economic environment by manufacturing its devices in Ans (Liège). In fact, all of the components used for the production of these AllinOne devices are produced either right here in Wallonia or in neighboring European regions.

The AllinOne technology with the potential business it has to offer is showing how it has already had a significant effect both locally and internationally. How has this been done so far? Creation of economic value with new patents, employment within the region, a steady spread of access into the international markets, implementation of a global distribution process, innovative technology that meets and keep ahead of hospitals’ and laboratories’ needs and expectations, and development of partnerships with research centers abroad.

In addition, to support the business growth of the company, in 2012 Trasis hired three new employees (two for R&D and one for production) as part of a contract guaranteeing them employment following the end of the Keymarker project**. In the course of 2013 the company also plans to hire two or three more co-workers for production and marketing. Indirect jobs have also been created and the company believes that their subcontractors in the Liège province will also have created three or four full-time equivalents. That’s 9 direct and indirect jobs created by Trasis!

Furthermore, Trasis is in the process of setting up an international network of distributors to market the device worldwide. Two distribution contracts for the GMP radiosynthesis unit have been signed so far: with Korea and with Canada. Other agreements are in the process of being finalised among which include one in China. To sum it up, having already seen roughly ten sales completed in Europe and America, Trasis has recognised that this is a growing worldwide market. But their accomplishments do not end here; they have also submitted 3 patent applications and developed 2 other products. Equally important, working in close collaboration with the ULg as well as with companies such as IBA and Eurogentec, Trasis clearly exemplifies how a company perfectly embodies the kind of academic and industrial cross-fertilization that BioWin aims to support… Besides Trasis, an international partnership has been established between the ULB and the St. Vincent Institute of Medical Research (Australia) thanks to the Keymarker project.

All in all, Trasis with the AllinOne and its other products is a company to keep an eye on; a company achieving global recognition for their innovative developments, but never losing sight of their own, right here in Belgium!

* The AllinOne: an integrated and versatile radiotracer synthesizer that can be used from early-on R&D tests to clinical trial and GMP routine production.
Contains up to 36 highly chemically resistant valves; made with sterile & disposable components; USP Class VI compliant delivering consistent labeling yields at affordable operating costs; intuitive graphical programming, powerful in-process control; small footprint 

** The Keymarker project is among the 27 R&D projects that have been approved by BioWin over the past 6 years. It began in 2009 and is led by a consortium comprising IBA in Louvain‑La-Neuve, Eurogentec in Seraing and Trasis in Ans, who have joined forces with four University laboratories.  Their goal is to identify and synthesize new biomarkers and tracers for in vivo molecular imaging of pancreatic beta cells.


Gauthier Philippart
Chairman & CEO

Tél : +32 4 365 86 57 ext. 901
GSM : +32 474 988 780
Rue Gilles Magnée 90
4430 Ans


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