Rosellini Scientific Benelux SA Joins Walloon Region Consortium to Help Develop Implant System for Glaucoma Treatment

An exciting new medtech player in Belgium’s Walloon Region – Rosellini Scientific Benelux SA (RSB) – joins the consortium to develop a novel implant system for treating and monitoring glaucoma.

The 4-partner consortium, led by iSTAR Medical SA (Isnes, Belgium) – an ophthalmic implant company established in 2010, comprises iSTAR Medical, RSB, the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) and the University of Liège (ULg).

The project – STARflo PLUSTM – will focus on developing a ‘next generation’ glaucoma management system designed to reduce and continuously monitor intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients suffering from glaucoma by combining biomaterials, biosensors and telemedicine technologies.

RSB, the Belgium-based subsidiary of Rosellini Scientific, LLC, will be developing the STARflo PLUSTM communication system to read and process data from miniature sensors implanted in the device.

BioWin, in coordination with Belgium’s Government of the Walloon Region, has provided approximately $5 million in funding for the new project, $1 million of which has been awarded to Rosellini Scientific Benelux. RSB will be Rosellini Scientific’s third spinout and first in Europe. In addition to the STARflo PLUSTM system, Rosellini Scientific Benelux will also develop technologies and applications that interface with the nervous system to treat a variety of diseases, including atrial fibrillation, overactive bladder and brain cancers.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Rosellini Scientific to partner with leading innovators in an environment that fosters cutting-edge medical technologies,” stated Hartmut Spitaels, President of Rosellini Scientific Benelux. “With this partnership, we can leverage our platform technology and benefit from an efficient pathway to clinical presence. We aim at starting trials with leading clinicians in Belgium and extending further distribution in the EU.”

Another exciting partnership worth keeping an eye on!

* Rosellini Scientific, LLC is an emerging leader in the development of implantable, wireless, electronic neurostimulation and implantable medical devices for the treatment of a variety of pathologies.

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