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Medi-Line and the CHU of Liège launch an innovative medical device to treat male urinary incontinence.

MEDI-LINE and the CHU of Liège have recently launched the Tom-Sling®, a new medical device that allows treating male urinary incontinence that occurs after radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. The surgical procedure, safe and effective, and the medical device are the result of a close collaboration between experienced urologists, Professors Jean de Leval and David Waltregny, and the MEDI-LINE know-how in the medical devices field. This launching is a real hope to improve patients’ quality of life. 

Male Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common symptom after prostate surgery, and particularly after complete removal of the prostate gland for cancer. If after six months, the majority of patients who have undergone radical prostatectomy regain acceptable continence.  Approximately 10% of patients experience a truly physical and social disability. They experience urinary leakage that will require some sort of protections (pads).

 A cost-effective and less invasive solution to treat severe incontinence

The innovation of this sling with respect to the competitors is the good results of the device in the treatment of severe incontinence. Existing slings are mainly used to treat mild to moderate incontinence. For patients with severe incontinence, the solution relies primarily on the implantation of an Artificial Urinary Sphincter. With the TOM-Sling®, there is a new alternative, which is less expensive and does not need any manipulation by the patient.

 A new market and business model for MEDI-LINE

This product is recommended for patients after radical prostatectomy and failure of conservative treatments. In Belgium, it is estimated that the target population that could benefit from this product is between 300 and 450 patients per year. At the European level, the potential market is more than 10,000 patients per year. MEDI-LINE hopes to quickly capture 20% of this market.

It’s a new business model and a strategic option decided by the Management to reduce the dependence related to big companies and the stress on prices” said J-Ph. Diels, HR & Communication Manager.

Thanks to the very good results even for severe incontinence, MEDI-LINE hopes to have 30% or 40% of European Market when the product will be in its maturity phase.

 A strong collaboration with Urology Department of CHU Liège

The department of Urology at the University Hospital of Liège is largely renowned for its expertise in the field of the development of new surgical devices and techniques for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence, including the TVT-Obturator, TVT-Exact, and TVT-ABBREVO devices. For the past 10 years, MEDI-LINE, has engineered and manufactured the plastic tubes used for these devices. Thanks to a privileged partnership, Professors de Leval and Waltregny and MEDI-LINE have been able to finalize the development of the TOM-Sling® in a short time interval.

This partnership has been a unique opportunity to enable patients to have access to a very efficient and safe surgical approach for the treatment of post-radical prostatectomy stress urinary incontinence. We are glad to offer a novel alternative to the implantation of an artificial urinary sphincter in patients who suffer from incontinence, even when incontinence is severe”, underlines Professor de Leval, Professor Emeritus of Urology at the University Hospital of Liège.


Founded in 1994 by three individuals, the MEDI-LINE company now employs more than 50 workers in the Liege Science Park of Sart-Tilman. From the beginning, its activities have been devoted 100% in the surgical and pharmaceutical sectors. Specialist in plastic devices, MEDI-LINE is manufacturer and supplier to the major player companies such as Johnson & Johnson and GE Healthcare. Since early May 2014, MEDI-LINE launched, for the first time, a new and innovative medical device in its own name becoming manufacturer and distributor. The TOM-Sling® represents a shift to a new business model.



Jean Philippe DIELS
HR & Communication Manager
+32 (0)4 366 02 78 – Email: jp.diels@mediline.be

More information: www.tom-sling.be and www.mediline.be

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