Belgian based IBA chooses US Investor for Partnership in Radiopharmaceutical Industry

Belgian based IBA and US investment firm SK Capital Partners have joined forces to create a promising new company, IBA Molecular Imaging. Both sides show great enthusiasm about this partnership and the potential role they will play in the improvement of cancer treatment and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This collaboration is also expected to heighten their position and rapidly increase business in the radiopharmaceutical industry worldwide.

The support of SK capital Partners will help IBA reach its full potential and allow them to provide patients with faster and more efficiently treatments. This new partnership will enhance IBA’s business by not only increasing product development and manufacturing capabilities but will also allow them to expand geographically. Although development costs for the new company will be equally shared, resulting profits will respectively comprise of a 60%-40% split to IBA and SK Capital Partners.

IBA, already considered a world-leader in radiopharmaceuticals, hopes to become “best-in class” in the industry by developing innovative products and reinforcing molecular imaging capabilities to help improve the healthcare industry. Among these new developments are new tracers that will detect illnesses such as kidney cancer and Alzheimer’s disease earlier than ever before. Such medical breakthroughs will give IBA prime positioning in the molecular imaging industry and could greatly contribute to the improvement of healthcare globally.

Present in over 40 countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America, IBA has been recognized and awarded for their leadership in the radiopharmaceutical sector. Their commitment and dedication to the future development of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging continues to grow. Currently, IBA is involved in the BioWin R & D program as acting coordinator behind the KeyMarker project.  A project dedicated to identifying molecules that can be used as radiotracers for PET or SPECT imaging and new types of biomarkers and tracers for the in vivo molecular imaging of the pancreatic Beta-cell mass.

SK Capital Partners welcomed partnership with IBA will enhance manufacturing capabilities, product development and geographic positioning that will allow IBA to expand as a global leader in the field of Nuclear Medicine.



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