Belgian biotech company, Delphi Genetics SA, launches new research project to develop antibiotic-free DNA vaccines

Using the Staby® technology, the DNAVAC research project aims to develop and produce antibiotic-free DNA vaccines that will target certain veterinary diseases. Over the next three years, Delphi Genetics will work seamlessly and in close collaboration with other key biotech players and universities from the region to develop these antibiotic-free DNA vaccines. 

These key-players include Belgian biotech company Eurogentec SA, a division of Kaneka(Japan), as well as the universities from Liège(ULg) and Louvain(UCL). Each of these partners has been given a specific role in the research and development of the project that will allow them to validate use of this antibiotic–free technology. Other support from the region will be provided by, BioWin, the health cluster of Wallonia who will be funding the 2.3M €, three-year project.

What is exciting and different about this technology is the potential it shows in providing an alternative to the conventional method. The CEO of Delphi Genetics, Cédric Szpirer, explains that if the conventional method of using antibiotic-resistance genes is becoming “increasingly less tolerated” by the regulators, then Delphi Genetics may have an alternative. With this project, they are proposing the conventional method be replaced by the Staby® technology, one that is antibiotic–free. If the regulatory rules of practice are indeed changing, this technology could prove very promising to the future development of new veterinary vaccines and other technologies.

The Staby® technology is already effectively being put to use among certain pharmaceutical companies involved in producing recombinant proteins. Through licensing agreements, companies such as Sanofi-Pasteur and GSK, have been given the opportunity to apply the StabyExpress® technology to their development of recombinant proteins allowing them to produce a higher yield without the use of antibiotics. With the DNAVAC research project underway, Delphi Genetics potentially holds a lot of promise to the innovative production of veterinary vaccines and alternative methods in DNA production.



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